rAge 2014

This was the first time I’ve ever gone to rAge, despite wanting to for years. In the past I just could not justify the cost of flying up from Cape Town. Sadly we were there on business this year, so I didn’t get to spend as much time checking out… Continued

rAge and Monsters

So we’ve got two big pieces of news to announce today. First off, we’re proud to say that our first full game, Monsters and Medicine, will be launching on the Humble store on the 7th of October. In addition, we’ve started a Steam Greenlight campaign for the game, so please… Continued

Agent Unseen Update

We’re halfway through September already. How weird is that? We’ve been busy with all kinds of things. Francois and Hilgard just came back from Johannesburg, where they spent time at the A MAZE festival hanging out with all kinds of interesting people. Go check out our recent Twitter feed to… Continued

August in Review

August has been a big month for us. We’ve been very busy in a lot of places and we’ve had some exciting progress on the game development and business fronts. We’ll definitely be doing these monthly round-ups in the future through our mailing list. So go sign up if you… Continued

Unseen – Sound Challenge

We just quickly wanted to let you know that one of prototypes, Unseen, is currently part of a sound design challenge over on the MakeGamesSA forums. We’ve opened up our sound system quite a bit for the game, so it’s relatively simple to add new sounds to the game. So… Continued

Updates to Caelum and Unseen – Prototypes of the week

So we’re breaking our pattern this week, instead of a brand new prototype we’re bringing you updates to the two of our previous prototypes, Caelum and Unseen. We spent a lot of time in the last week updating them and incorporating feedback we got from our first feedback sessions, and… Continued

“A Prototype a Week” Progress

It’s been a couple of weeks since we started prototyping again. Those of you who follow us on twitter and facebook will have seen that we’ve been putting out a new prototype every week in the recent past. All in all it’s been really fun to get back to prototyping.… Continued