Beneath its cute graphics and harmless, friendly looking monsters, lurks a game about ruthless efficiency.

Monsters and Medicine is a puzzle game where adaptation is key; players try to build and expand their own hospital while injured monsters are knocking at the door, wanting treatment.

In Monsters and Medicine, you are playing the role of a hospital administrator, trying to build and grow your hospital quickly and efficiently to deal with the ever increasing number of patients lining up every morning. To do this, you will have to strategically build up your hospital in order to address what you deem to be your most pressing concern. Each morning, patients will queue up outside your hospital and try to find a place inside to be cured. However, if one of them can’t find a bed they’ll stop and wait, and everyone behind them will have to wait as well. So do you try and optimise your hospital for one type of disease and treat the pesky patient that will hold up your queue yourself? Or do you build your hospital to treat as broad a number of diseases as possible and sacrifice greater capacity and efficiency?

Monsters and Medicine is currently in development. We are planning on launching for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and tablet devices (iOS and Android). We are also exploring the idea of launching for smartphones.


  • Easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay.
  • Original art style with monsters you’ll learn to love.
  • Awesome music to keep you in the zone.
  • 100 hand-crafted replayable levels.
  • Unlockable endless mode with randomly generated levels – play forever!

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