Visuals for Monsters and Medicine

Last week we started the process of incorporating some art into our game and giving the game a little bit of theme. So from now onwards, instead of healing nondescript circles you will be healing little monsters in your hospital. Now that we have a theme, we have also decided… Continued

Hospital: Public Build v0.0.3

We are proud to present, for your consideration, the latest build of our hospital building game. This version introduced a couple of new room types, a larger variety of patients and an actual level set. In addition we also tweaked a bunch of stuff for balance purposes. We hope you… Continued

Hospital: Public Build v0.0.2

Today we’re launching our second public build for our hospital building game. The debut for the game, along with a primer on our company can be read at our first blog post. Our focus for the last week of development was to improve the usability of the game. So you’ll… Continued