Aaaand We’re Back!

Or at least we will be. Way back in 2014 we spent a couple of months working on some game prototypes and Monsters and Medicine, getting to grips with the whole indie game dev thing. After just less than a year we ran into that most insidious of realities, money;… Continued

Website Improvements – Comments are go!

Welcome to our website! If you pay attention you might have noticed that things look a bit different around here. Francois has been hard at work over the last couple of days improving the website. I admit that when he pitched the changes I was a bit unsure, but I’m… Continued

How we came to use OpenFL

I’ve always wanted to make games. When I realised (roughly) what you need to do to make games, I was completely convinced that I’d make my own engine for each game, and that everything would be perfect. Soon after, I was introduced to GameMaker and immediately shunned away from it.… Continued

New Website

So, we’ve been working full-time for the past while and a new website with a blog is called for. Stay tuned for new and exciting games, coming to a device near you soon.