Bacchus Bank is a prototype!
Please note that Bacchus Bank is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

Bacchus Bank is a banking management game; manage client loans, acquire new clients, and invest their hard-earned money, while making sure you have enough cash reserves. The idea is that your decisions have a more direct impact on your clients’ lives when you approve or reject their loans. Sometimes you need to take past client behaviour into account, while other times the bank has to come first.

The game is currently in an early prototype phase, but you can already try it out. Note that the interface is still very rough and difficult to use; this version should only be used as a proof-of-concept.


You can play Bacchus Bank right now in your browser (flash required):


The current interface is text-based with a steep learning curve (you have been warned). At the top you will always see an overview of your current bank situation. The date starts at 0001-01-01 and time advances as you play. Your balance is the balance of your internal bank account and can be negative if you lend out money or invest it. Your reserves is the money your clients have in their current accounts. Your total funds is a combination of your balance and reserves. If your total funds ever drops below zero you lose, because your bank has gone bankrupt. Legislation prevents you from directly losing, by ensuring you have at least 10% reserves on hand, and your available funds show how much money you can directly work with. At the end of each month (a month is currently 10 days) you will be charged per client you currently manage, so you better make sure you manage to make a profit from them!

Normally you will see an overview of your entire bank, including your clients and their balances, your investments, and a statement of and transactions affecting your bank balance for the day. You can press space to toggle between this view and a more detailed view of your clients. In this view, you can see the statements for a client, and potentially approve or reject loans that clients are requesting.

There is a lot of data for you to consider, but not very much time! Client loan applications are only valid for a few days. If you wait too long your clients will go bankrupt, and if you accept them too easily it could end up costing you if your clients default on their repayments. When you are ready, you can press P to toggle pause and start playing. How will you manage your bank?


We’d appreciate any and all feedback. Please email all feedback to