Coin Wars is a prototype!
Please note that Coin Wars is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

Coin Wars is a simple tabletop game played with items you’ll probably have in your wallet/purse. It could be described as a minimalist tabletop miniatures game. The idea is to have a game that can be explained in under a minute, and will be fun to play for a half hour or so.



  • Two players.
  • One standard business card.
  • A few coins of varying sizes.
  • A flat open play area.


  1. Challenge someone to a game.
  2. Each player selects a few coins for their team. They should be chosen so that they are relatively easy to distinguish from your opponent’s. Recommended: two coins each.
  3. Place your coins on the designated play area (however you like).
  4. Put the business card and a coin to the side. The business card will be used for measurement and the coin will be used for luck shots.
  5. Select the starting player and begin!
  6. Alternate turns between players until you have a winner.

Each turn you can do two actions, a

  • short and
  • long

action, each of which can be either a

  • move or
  • fire.

A short action uses the short side of the business card for distance, while the long action uses the long side.

A move action allows you to move a single coin up to a short/long distance – place the business card next to the coin, and move the coin to the other side of the card matching the short/long distance.

A fire action allows you to take a 50% luck shot at an opponent coin within the short/long distance of one of your coins. On a successful shot (flip the set-aside coin) the opponent coin is destroyed and removed from play.

Goal: destroy all your opponent’s coins before he/she does the same to you!


Coin Wars was designed to fit on the back of our business cards:

Business Card Back


We’d appreciate any and all feedback. Please email all feedback to