Icarus is a prototype!
Please note that Icarus is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

Icarus is a 2D multiplayer aerial combat game; take part in intense dogfights with your friends to prove who’s the better pilot. Flying your plane is easy to get the hang of, but has quite some depth to it. Stop accelerating to let the planes on your tail overshoot you, and surprise them from behind; decide whether to evade enemy fire and regenerate health, or whether to shoot them out of the sky with some burst fire.

Possible ideas for Icarus include adding some elements from the MOBA genre to it. Specifically, separating the players into two teams, each with a base on the opposite of the map (that would be larger than it is now) with waves of smaller planes or ground units clashing in the middle. Another way to expand it would be to add a class system to it; adding planes that can withstand more of a beating, fly faster and manoeuvre better, or use different weapons.


Control your plane with the arrow keys or W, A and D, and fire with the spacebar. The colour of your plane indicates your current health level, the brighter the colour, the more health. When not firing your weapon, your plane regenerates health and slowly preloads some bullets. The screen wraps on the left and right and your plane collides with the bottom of the screen, taking damage. Flying off the top of the screen, applies stronger gravitational forces to your plane, accelerating them downwards. The number of kills you have is displayed in the top left.



We’d appreciate any and all feedback. Please email all feedback to feedback@clockworkacorn.com.