Polygenics is a prototype!
Please note that Polygenics is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

In Polygenics you’re breeding creatures with various attributes, to try and breed towards a specific goal. The above video is from an old version, but it should give you an idea of the core concept.

This prototype was made to play around with a genetics/breeding mechanic we might want to implement into a larger title, in which players are interacting with these creatures to a much greater extent. Maybe they’re your squad in a turn-based tactics game, or maybe they’re the fighters you use in a brawler. In the end, this prototype was designed in order to see if we could find the fun in the idea of playing around with genetics. We hope you enjoy!


You can play Polygenics right now in your browser (flash required):


The creatures move around and breed in the petri-dishes. Drag the creatures between the dishes to be selective about their breeding. Try to breed creatures that fulfill contracts, and drag them onto the contracts to get your rewards.

Warning: this iteration of the prototype is really unfriendly towards colour-blind people.


We’d appreciate any and all feedback. Please email all feedback to feedback@clockworkacorn.com.