Polygone is a prototype!
Please note that Polygone is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

Polygone is a minimal roguelike. You are in control of a triangle and you must strive to conquer the lesser shapes. It was made as part of the 26th Ludum Dare Game Jam.

To encourage replay on the part of the player, the growth of the player character is semi-random and can be guided through player decisions. These decisions take the form of either player attribute changes, or player weapon changes. The attribute changes were designed to effect some attributes positively and others negatively to make the players decision more meaningful.

We might develop Polygone into a full game at some point in the future, but for now you can play the prototype.

Future plans include expanding the scope of the game, adding more enemies, weapons, level layouts and attributes.