Trading Strategy is a prototype!
Please note that Trading Strategy is not in a finished state, and may still change significantly in the future. You can receive updates of changes with Twitter, Facebook or .

Trading Strategy is a game made for Ludum Dare 30, about conquering a galaxy by establishing connections between different star systems. Each system can only spend resources sent to it by other systems, so connections are vital to build your empire. The goal of the game is to spread your empire across every system in the galaxy in as few turns as possible.

Every turn you can either establish a connection, destroy a connection or skip your turn. After your action, each of your system will push the resources it produces to your systems that are connected directly to it, and then attempt to spend what it received automatically. You have a limited number of connections though, so you need to plan your connections well, or break some down to move them.

All resources except military strength (red) is transferred to connected systems, while military strength specifically deals damage to all connected enemy systems, attempting to conquer them. Blue circles behind systems indicate that they belong to you, while red circles indicate that they don’t.


Click to select
Drag to connect (or disconnect)
Space to skip a turn
R to start a new game
Esc to quit


We’d appreciate any and all feedback. Please email all feedback to