Thank you for taking the time to check out our jobs page. We’re always looking for new talented people to join our team, so please feel free to take a look below and see if you think you would enjoy working with us. Email all applications and enquiries to

About Clockwork Acorn

Clockwork Acorn was founded early 2014 as a small studio focusing on mobile and desktop game development. Since then we have expanded into several different areas. Currently we spend most of our time collaborating with Reality Gate, researching and working on exciting new UI and UX techniques. Recently we have been working with Fogale Sensation on UI and UX for phones with 3D input.

We are a small team, but growing quickly. We are currently looking for:

Software Developers

Our projects typically run from a couple of weeks to a few months, so you can expect a steady stream of new and interesting projects to work on. We’ve been involved in the creation of a large number of diverse software projects, from our own games (desktop and mobile), web apps and mobile apps, to the radically new UX designs we are currently working on. This means that everyone on our team is some sort of generalist and open to working with new technology. We spend our time working on the new, the alternative and the experimental, so we value the ability to adapt and learn new things.

We are very open to our developers doing remote work, but we do value occasional in-person meetings. As such, it’s a big plus if you are located close to Cape Town or able to commute in on request.


  • 3 or more years of programming experience, from studies, projects or the industry.
  • An interest in learning new technologies, programming languages or other related skills.
  • Professional communication skills.
  • A good eye for design.


  • Competitive remuneration suitable to your skill level and commitment (we’re also open to hourly rates for part-time work).

If you are interested in joining our quickly-growing team, please contact us. We are dedicated to creating a work environment that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so that we can tackle some really challenging and interesting work together as a team. Please email all applications and enquiries to

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you specify any programming languages or frameworks?

We believe that a strong understanding of core programming concepts, and the willingness to learn new programming languages and/or frameworks as necessary (given enough time) are more important. We are looking for someone that wants to grow as they work with us. If you really want to get a taste for the technology we use, you can have a look at our services page.

How much do you pay?

Our remuneration is very dependent on you. We look at your technical skills, experience level and industry standards to come up with the right pay for you. If you want a rough figure, please send us your CV and we will be happy to give you an indication of what we think we would pay you. However, we do consider all our salaries to be competitive with standard market rates, although we aim for better than market rates.

Is the position still available?

The simple answer is yes. The long answer is: we are willing to wait to find the right people to join our team, which means we have a fair bit of flexibility in terms of team size. We are more focused on trying to build a great team, based on technical skill and cultural fit, than trying to “fill the position.” We are always interested in talking to new interesting people, even when we are not advertising for a specific position.

What about game development?

At the moment, the majority of our team’s time is taken up with non-game development work, and as part of our team you will not require any explicit game dev experience. Although we plan on more actively pursuing game dev in the future, so experience is always a positive.

I thought you were exclusively doing game development, I don’t want to do boring programming work.

Well that’s not technically a question, but we can still help. We promise that the work we are busy with is almost as interesting as game dev, if not more, and we’d be happy to show you some more details on an individual basis. We strive to always have interesting projects and problems to work on.

How does the process work?

We believe in making sure we hire only the right people to join our team so we follow a fairly thorough process. After we receive your CV and answer any initial questions you may have, we’ll typically set up one or more interviews to show you the technology we are working with and determine technical skill and cultural fit. If the process has gone well so far, we will follow up with a formal offer, which would begin with an initial contract trial period and then transition into full time employment. We feel this initial trial period is essential to the process; it’s not just to determine your abilities, but just as important that you enjoy working as part of our team.