This is a list of some of our game prototypes. Some of these are in very early (possibly even broken) stages, but hopefully you find something interesting here.

All of our released or in-development games are available here.

Destroy the invading titans from within. Roguelike deckbuilder.
Agent Unseen is a stealth roguelike prototype where you’re trying to progress through a series of increasingly difficult missions with powerful upgrades.
Caelum is a 2D top-down spaceship sim, where you build your own custom spaceship and fly it around the stars. Build whatever ship you want, and control it however you want.
Grow your line to reach the goal in Streamline. Puzzles contain a variety of unique mechanics that should keep you busy for a while.
Bacchus Bank is a banking management game; manage client loans, acquire new clients, and invest their hard-earned money, while making sure you have enough cash reserves.
Boom Blade Battle Brigade is a 2-4 player last-man-standing bomb-filled extravaganza, where players battle to the death in an arena filled with deadly lava and moving platforms.
Canyon (or Bacon) Runner is a first-person endless runner/platformer made for 7DFPS and ProcJam. The goal is just to have fun jumping from pillar to pillar and running through the canyon.
Coin Wars is a simple tabletop game played with items you’ll probably have in your wallet/purse. It could be described as a minimalist tabletop miniatures game.
Icarus is a 2D multiplayer aerial combat game; take part in intense dogfights with your friends to prove who's the better pilot.
Morpheus is a prototype exploring the procedural generation of spells in an action game. Spell pickups are generated as the game progresses, regularly giving you a new random ability to play with.
Neon Highway is a six-way connected runner made for Ludum Dare 30. Control six different lanes at the same time, as you strive to achieve a state of bliss, or something like that.
In Polygenics you're breeding creatures with various attributes, to try and breed towards a specific goal.
Polygone is a minimal roguelike. You are in control of a triangle and you must strive to conquer the lesser shapes. It was made as part of the 26th Ludum Dare Game Jam.
Following a horrible storm, four strangers are stuck on an island and need to build a raft to escape before they perish. Will they manage it, or will they succumb to the dangers of the island?
Shift the tiles around and and match them up. Soko Match is a cross between Sokoban and a Match-3 game.
SpellChain is a small game about exploration through spelling.
Kill or be killed in a submarine-on-submarine battle.
Trading Strategy is a game about conquering a galaxy by establishing connections between different star systems.
Vulcan is a tactical smash-em-up platformer in which you use your trusty rope and battle axe to pull off stunts of amazing agility and incredible timing.