Welcome to our website! If you pay attention you might have noticed that things look a bit different around here. Francois has been hard at work over the last couple of days improving the website. I admit that when he pitched the changes I was a bit unsure, but I’m glad to be proven wrong. I like the new look and features a lot, and I hope all of you will enjoy them as well.

The biggest change we’ve made is the addition of comments to the game pages. We love getting feedback on our games from the people who play them. As such, each page has now been fitted with a shiny new comment section. Previously we were dependant on Facebook, forums and in-person conversations to get feedback from you guys. With these new comments we hope to get feedback from those people who don’t communicate with us via one of those channels.

Secondly, we’ve incorporated the flash versions of our games into their respective game pages. Less navigation and hassle for you guys. Just press the “Play Now” button and off you go.

Lastly, we’ve merged the blog into the main page and updated the way it looks. I really like the additional sense of activity it gives the landing page.

So yeah that’s it for now, let us know what you think of the change – that’s what the comment section is for. And don’t forget to go comment on the games you already played, the comment sections are still sparse for now!

2 Responses to “Website Improvements – Comments are go!”

  1. cara

    Hi you guys!!!

    Website like cool. Watse game kan ek volgende probeer?

    Cara van der Vyver

    • Francois Van Niekerk

      If you haven’t tried Caelum or Unseen, those are pretty fun. Otherwise I guess you can take your pick, or wait for new prototypes soon 🙂


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