Note: this position is filled and no longer available.

We’re looking to work with an artist on our exciting new game projects. We’re looking for someone mid to senior level or above, based in South Africa. We’re happy to work with non-game artists looking to get into games. We’re looking for someone who can join early in the process to help us explore ideas and find new aesthetics that’ll help our games stand out visually. In the short term we’re looking for someone to work on one or two projects, but there is room to grow into a long term art director/lead role.

One of the projects we might want you to work on is Cave Cards (working title). You can get access to the playable prototype here:

What We’re Looking For

  • Strong visual style that can differentiate our games.
  • 2+ years experience as an artist. This is NOT a junior / internship position.
    • Bonus: game development experience. Game jams count!
    • Bonus: experience working with Unity or other game engines.
  • Ideal candidate is a generalist, with experience in many areas (2D, 3D, UI/UX, animation etc.), but we’re also interested in someone who is highly skilled in one area and interested in growing in other areas on the job, given proper support.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Timeline and availability: very flexible. If you think you’ll have time in the next 6 months, consider reaching out. Part-time or full-time can work.
  • Pay: competitive market rates, depending on the candidate. Happy to work with hourly / daily / monthly / fixed cost depending on the arrangement.
  • Location: South Africa, remote work. Cape Town is a bonus.
  • Diverse candidates are especially encouraged to apply!

About Us

Currently the core team is primarily just me, Francois van Niekerk. I’m a game developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I co-founded Clockwork Acorn in 2014, and I’ve been a Senior/Lead Engineer at Spry Fox since 2017. I’ve worked on games like Cozy Grove and Jetstream; and I often make prototypes. I’m building a new South African game studio with the vision:

  • Timeless games with chunky design
  • Great place to work
    • Fully remote work with flexi-hours
    • Safe, anti-racist, feminist, LGBTQ+ friendly space
    • Diverse team
    • No crunch
  • Impactful on the South African game industry and beyond


Note: this position is filled and no longer available.

We will reply to all applications. For promising candidates, we may ask you to do a paid art test (at your normal rate), or join for a game jam or two, to see if we work well together.

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