We are proud to present, for your consideration, the latest build of our hospital building game. This version introduced a couple of new room types, a larger variety of patients and an actual level set. In addition we also tweaked a bunch of stuff for balance purposes. We hope you guys find these changes enjoyable and like playing around with them. As always, we look forward to any feedback or insight you can provide.

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We are getting very close to the point where we feel satisfied with the mechanical aspects of the game. From this point forward we see a lot more of our focus going into level design, art and sound integration and overall polishing and bug hunting. So hopefully the next build we show you guys will look and sound a lot better than this one.

Until then, enjoy playing the game!

Monsters and Medicine is a turn-based puzzle game where adaptation is key; players try to build and expand their own hospital while injured monsters are knocking at the door, wanting treatment.

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