This week’s prototype is Caelum, part of an idea that has been mulling over in our heads for a long time. This is our first public prototype and contains a mere smidgin of the features we’ve thought of for this. If we were to add everything it would take us years to complete. We’ve decided we need to focus the design, and find one or two core concepts we can base the game around.

enterprise 1

So enough text for now, head on over to the game page here. Play it right now and let us know if you liked it and/or what direction we should go with it.



3 Responses to “Caelum – Build a spaceship! – Prototype of the week”

  1. Seraphim

    The game seems pretty interesting, although I have 1 question.
    What are the controls?

    • Seraphim

      Seems you have to set the hotkey for each engine component and weapon individually when creating your ship.
      Please add something to the instructions that mentions this.

      • Francois Van Niekerk

        Hi Seraphim,

        Glad to see you figured it out. There is a small mention in the instructions on the build screen, but it’s easy to miss. We’re working on improving the interface in the next build. Thanks for trying it out 🙂


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