We’ve got another prototype for you guys to try out today. We’re code naming it Vulcan for now and it involves a determined square swinging around with a ninja rope, smashing evil circles to bits with his trusty battleaxe. Yeah… this one is a bit different. I really like the feel of this one a lot, it feels like we can do some ridiculous stuff with it.

I’ve already lost way too much time playing this as opposed to actually working on it, which I think is a good sign…

I recommend you guys go play this for yourself. You can find its game page here.

Oh and a little personal tip for when you play: Go fast!

On a completely different note, Francois and Hilgard are going to be attending the A MAZE games festival in Johannesburg in little less than a month, which raises a very important topic for us, namely business cards. We’re thinking of maybe putting a small game on ours. So we have we’ve got a bonus game for you this week. Francois designed a very basic miniatures game he’s calling “Coin Wars” that you can play with just the stuff in your wallet. Check out the ruleset here and let us know what you think.

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